Silverlake Ramen

Our founders Jitaek and Thomas have combined their passion and experience and embarked on the journey of making the best ramen in the world.  A ramen, delicious, well-balanced, and with quality ingredients.

We think it’s the best ramen we’ve ever had.  A ramen our neighbors in Silverlake can brag about, telling people that they have the most delicious ramen in their neighborhood.

We serve food made with love, that we are proud of, and make it as affordable as possible.  We are obsessed with ramen, and are excited to share that obsession with you, straight from our kitchen to your bowl.


Meet Thomas Aono,  Ramen Chef from Japan

Thomas moved to Japan with his family when he was 4 years old, and his favorite childhood food was ramen.

One day his heart followed his stomach and he decided he wanted to become a ramen master, to create his own ramen, one that blended the traditional with the contemporary.  After knocking on the doors of almost every restaurant he was finally hired by a true ramen master, with 45 years of experience in the craft.

Thomas spent 5 years studying and learned how to make both broth and tare (sauce) from scratch. Once he had mastered the art of Ramen, he moved to LA teamed up with Jitaek to become part owner / ramen creator of Silverlake Ramen.


Meet Jitaek, Chef and “Noodleholic.”

Jitaek started his first job as a dishwasher when he was 16 years old, working his way to executive chef at 24. After 12 years at that restaurant, he left to open two sushi restaurants, both failed.

Fortunately he decided to give it one last try in Silverlake. He and his wife put everything on the line and borrowed money from 9 credit cards, and this time he decided to focus on the food he loves most Ramen, The result is Silverlake Ramen!


Why Silverlake?

Silverlake embodies the free-spirit & casual vibe of Los Angeles. An unpretentious, original way of thinking. Similar to the  environment in which ramen was invented. Now, we are taking that vibe and serving up bowls of it in locations across California.