Silverlake ramen

made in los angeles
"We like to say: Good Ramen. Good Day."

The Silverlake family unapologetically does our food our way. We embrace the neighborhoods that we call home and passionately share the inspirations, influences and attitudes that helped shape our authentic take on a savory dining experience.

From the fabric of the streets to the kitchens in our homes, Silverlake Ramen is crafted to feed the soul. Our environment is designed to mix street-inspired visual twists with rave-worthy flavors sure to satisfy every family member. We encourage our guests to boldly slurp away.

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We think it's the best ramen we've ever had. And that's a fact! We believe in traditional ingredients that make our ramen the best it can be. Wholesome, fresh, with vegan options that serve modern foodies and their stomachs, without losing authenticity of where this food originates from. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.